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AP | PORTUGAL - Tech Language Solutions is a Portuguese translation company certified by the Quality Standard ISO17100:2015, with translation agency in Lisbon and other translation agency in Porto

Has been delivering high-quality language services, sustained by fair and decent relations, helping national and international clients alike to break down language barriers and reach a global audience.

Far from just a translation company, we provide a range of language services from translationinterpretingtranscription  and subtitling  services and more recently website translation and localisationmultilingual SEOSEO copywriting , multilingual SEAmultilingual website creation and multilingual content management creation. 

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Services AP | Portugal

Technical Translation

Our professional translators specialise in technical, legal, political, economic, business and scientific areas, among others, and are selected according to your project's needs. 

Interpreting Services

We provide a wide range of interpreting services for any event and select the most suitable interpreters according to your needs.

Transcription Services

Our transcribers ensure the highest accuracy, guaranteeing that you receive exact transcriptions.

Subtitling Services

Working in partnership with experienced subtitling studios, we translate into more than 20 languages, ensuring a high quality end product for broadcast, youtube videos, DVD and others.

Other services

Total Satisfaction System

To guarantee the highest level of quality, we offer our clients 20 days to review our work, where they can request a new revision, correction or adaptation.

Website Localisation

Strengthen your brand integrity while making sure you avoid any offence, website translation and localisation is the answer for any global marketing strategy.

Multilingual SEO

Ensure your localised content is seen by your new global audience with Multilingual SEO.

voice over ap portugal translation company in lisbon and porto

Voice Over

AP|Portugal provides a professional voice-over service as well as an automatic response service for companies, organisations and individuals, according to their specific needs and contexts.



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