Stats of AP | PORTUGAL

AP|PORTUGAL is proud to have been founded on quality. The success of a translation and tech services company like ours is sustained by the quality of its services, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

In 2017, AP|PORTUGAL successfully applied for its translation services to be certified by the International Quality Standard ISO 17100:2015. Since then, we have continued to develop a mature and demanding quality management, focusing on customer satisfaction, following up complaints and non-conformities, and monitoring our goals and process indicators.

In the context of our mission to grow through quality as an ISO 17100:2015 certified company, our Quality Department designed a Client Satisfaction Survey sent to all regular and one-off clients, which will also be used for periodic external audits by the Bureau Veritas. For the purpose of complete transparency, we present the results of our most recent survey below for all those interested in learning about the work done by the Professionals that make up our dedicated team here at AP PORTUGAL - Tech language solutions.

At AP|PORTUGAL, we always aim for the highest levels of client satisfaction with the services we provide as part of our Global Client Satisfaction Index.

The challenge for the coming years will be to increase these levels of excellence, reducing the small rates of low satisfaction.

Today better than yesterday, tomorrow better than today!

1. Satisfaction with our services

2. Delivery deadlines

3. Quality of the final work

4. Would you recommend services from AP | PORTUGAL?

Given our goal to constantly improve our Quality, AP | PORTUGAL intends to focus on reducing these smaller rates of low satisfaction to ensure that we guarantee total satisfaction for all our clients.