Video Remote Interpreting - VRI

Video Remote interpreting services are not exclusively used by companies in international meetings or conferences.

Remote interpreting also provides support to healthcare professionals in hospitals and health centres as well as Public Security Forces and courthouses.

Learn more about our remote interpreting services, also referred to as VRI - Video Remote Interpreting or RSI - Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

As a translation company with tech training center, providing a fantastic experience, whatever the languages required, at any time and any place is extremely important to us. AP| PORTUGAL has over 150 qualified professionals at your disposal, available through Mobile, Video and Telephone services.

Remote Interpreting - VRI

Hence, in addition to on-site conference interpreting services, we also offer our customers the following solutions:

Remote Interpreting

With an advanced SaaS-based video solution, AP| PORTUGAL's Video Remote Interpreting - (VRI) solutions enable video and audio conferences and group collaboration between customer representatives, qualified interpreters and people (customers-stakeholders) who do not speak the same language. AP | PORTUGAL's VRI solutions do not require the installation of any hardware and the virtual calls can be made anywhere with any device that connects to the Internet, namely PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI)

Access our interpreting services through your smartphone. Whether it's a technical visit to a factory, an audit of a hospital or a conference room with hundreds of people, a pair of headphones and a mobile phone are all that's required to access our professional over-the-phone interpreters.

Video Interpreting

In some situations there is no substitute for visual communication. Our technology, also known as distance interpreting, gives you the opportunity to provide an excellent service through video conferencing, in over 50 languages, including Portuguese Sign Language.

With just a click, AP PORTUGAL's Virtual Remote Interpreting solution provides access to interpreters specialised in OPI and remote interpreting through smartphone, tablet or PC.
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Online Conferencing

The online meeting and conference rooms offer similar features, but have some important differences.

The meeting room was created for collaborative events, in which all participants can share their screen, connect the video and audio and know who's participating in the meeting

The online conference or webinar room was designed so that only the host or speakers can share their videos, audio files and screens. In the webinar room, participants view the presentations only as spectators. They can interact through Q&A, chats and participate in polls. Only the host can activate the audio of the participants.
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Interpreting Hub

The Loft of Words, a former warehouse located at the heart of the historic centre is a space that's being refurbished to serve all the professionals in language and technological services, where you can find a centre dedicated to remote interpreting; a state-of-the-art interpreting HUB. Learn more about AP PORTUGAL's Loft of Words.

In the IT sector there are many self-employed professionals; the so-called Digital Working Nomads who make our planet their virtual or digital office. The Loft of Words makes it possible to implement this remote working model. Nowadays, the use of WhatsApp or Skype or even Google Hangouts facilitate communication in video calls or conferences when we work remotely.

At AP | PORTUGAL, our professionals who work remotely use Zoom for video conferences and Workplace by Facebook as their digital office.

Interpreting Hub
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Portuguese Sign Language

Portuguese Sign Language

AP PORTUGAL's virtual remote interpreting (VRI) service instantly connects people who are deaf or hard of hearing to an online interpreter through a specially designed app available on all devices. Our platform is available 24/7 throughout the entire year, giving our customers increased access to professional Portuguese Sign Language interpreters specialised in areas for which on-site interpreters may not be available. You could also consult our Portuguese sign language interpreters who are specialised in areas such as medical, legal and technical areas.

Training in international events

Our Tech Training Centre offers training in the areas of Management, Technology, Marketing, Quality and Communication. As for events, we also provide training in the Planning of International Events for you. Visit our training centre.




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If you are looking for a remote simultaneous interpretation company in Lisbon or Porto that offers a remote interpreting solution for your webinar or online conference, talk to us. AP | PORTUGAL can help you in amplifying your communication either through Skype or Zoom video conferencing solutions. Focus on your content and don't worry about the technology.
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