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AP | PORTUGAL, has its headquarters in Av. da República, no. 1105, in Vila Nova de Gaia, Oporto municipality. It is a translation company which aims to provide language services of translationinterpretingtranscription and subtitling

The methodology followed by AP | PORTUGAL for the execution of each translation project is based on the requirements set by the European Quality Standard EN-15038 for providing simultaneous translation quality services.

In the clients page you can learn more about our translation companies in Porto and Lisbon.

Location of AP | PORTUGAL offices
- in Greater Oporto:
AP | PORTUGAL in Oporto (Vila Nova de Gaia)


+41° 7' 43.99", -8° 36' 21.06


Av. da República no 1105
4430-203 Vila Nova de Gaia


Business hours:

Monday to Friday: 9 am to 1 pm 4 pm to 6 pm
Saturday: 9 am to 1 pm (Only delivery of documents)

About the city of OPORTO

Oporto is a city in the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, home of the municipality of Oporto with an area of 41.66 km² and a population of 237,559 inhabitants in 2011. The city is the capital of the District of Oporto, Metropolitan Area of Oporto and Greater Oporto sub-region. The metropolitan area consists of the adjacent municipalities and forms an urban area of about 1,286,139 inhabitants. This makes it the largest city in the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula and the second largest city in Portugal, after Lisbon.

The city of Oporto, known as Invicta City, gave the name to Portugal around 200 BC, when it was named Portus Cale, and later became the capital of the County of Portugal. Oporto is known worldwide for its wine, its bridges and architecture, its historic centre which was designated a World Heritage by UNESCO, and its football club, FC Porto.

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