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Multilingual Content Management

Multilingual websites are an essential tool for any international communication strategy. However, content management for this type of website can feel like an uphill battle, especially in cases where there is a large amount of content or when this content needs to be updated regularly. AP|PORTUGAL has the tools you need to automate these processes, making your multilingual content management much easier, faster and more efficient.

Multilingual Content Management ap portugal 

Advantages of an automated Multilingual Content Management

In an effort to more effectively advertise and promote your products or services, content has become the focal point for efforts to optimise marketing initiatives. According to World Finance, the percentage of consumers that speak English as a second language demonstrates why you need content localisation into the languages of all your target markets.

However, difficulties may arise when translating and localising content into other languages and managing multilingual content for websites with a large amount of content or a frequent update rate. This task becomes even more complicated when, for example, you want a version of the website in a language with a non-Latin script.

The solution involves the integration between its CMS and the Translation Management System (TMS), allowing automation in the process of translation, localisation and content management.

The right strategy for your international website

If your company or institution wants to gain a global audience, you need a global website. In this process, it is crucial to outline a content management strategy that takes into account the translation life cycle. In fact, in addition to the volume of content to be managed and the update frequency, the way the translation and localisation process is managed is also decisive in the time and effort dedicated to the content management task. However, companies often lack the resources, skills and technological solutions that enable them to viably execute this management.

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As a language services provider, we know the right tools to optimise your content management process. By using integrated technological solutions that establish direct and automated communication between the website?s CMS and the Translation Management System (TMS), we can help solve any difficulty you may face in your multilingual content management.

Thus, the choice of an experienced linguistic partner that works with the right tools is crucial to enable and optimise the content management process.

AP | PORTUGAL, your partner for Multilingual Content Management

Our multilingual content management solutions at AP | PORTUGAL - Tech Language Solutions enable coordination between your clients' CMS and your Translation Management tool, making the localisation process faster, more transparent and efficient.  We represent the entire Portuguese-speaking market for Wordbee, management and translation system, and its middleware - connector Beebox - which facilitates integration and interoperability with the majority of CMSs used in the market (WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, Adobe, Umbraco, TYPO3, among others).

This service enables your content to be managed automatically and its subsequent translation to be allocated in the CMS. In addition, it reduces project management costs and optimises completion times.

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This solution allows our clients with international positioning to streamline and control their various marketing initiatives by creating well-designed multilingual content management processes, thus effectively responding to an increasingly competitive business environment.

Multilingual Content Management ap portugal 



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