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With our team of professional specialist translators, AP | PORTUGAL is the best solution for your translation project. Our dedicated team of in-house and freelance translators work with over 20 languages, ensuring high quality work within your deadlines.

We are a translation company certified by the Quality Standard ISO 17100 .

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Technical Translations

We specialise in technical translations in legal, political, economic, business and scientific fields, among others. We only select professional translators with experience in the field of your project, guaranteeing that they have the specialist knowledge required to produce accurate translations.

Technical Translation: Sectors we specialise in

translation services ap portugal 

Certified Translations

The legal validity of a translated document is attributed by its certification made by a state body (e.g. embassy, consulate) or a person recognised by the law of the country where it is to have legal value. AP | PORTUGAL due to it's legal department is recognised as a certified translation body. With  Translation companies in Lisbon and Porto, and already more than 20 years of experience in certified translation services, we uphold the highest standards in the process of a legalised, certified translation, due to our professional and specialised sworn translators working worldwide.

Hague Apostille

Depending on your project's requirements, AP | PORTUGAL can arrange for your translations to be certified. This certification from a state body (e.g. embassy, consulate), or a person recognised by the law of the country where it is to have legal value, proves that your documents have been translated accurately by professional translators. See the Notary and Register Institute website to find the legislation for all certified translations (in Portuguese).

Your translations may also need an apostille. This is a form of authentication issued to documents for use in countries that signed The Hague Apostille Convention of 1961. This unique legal process - the "apostille" - consists of filing a public document with an Apostille or annotation certifying the authenticity of a document issued in another country.

The benefit of this is that documents issued in one member country that have been certified by an Apostille will be recognised in any other member country without any other authentication.

Check which countries have signed the Hague Convention (in French)

translation services ap portugal

Legal Translation

Legal translation requires great care in terminology. As such, our legal translations are done by professionals with extensive experience in law. We provide translations for various documents such as contracts, terms and conditions, reports, powers of attorney, licence agreements and patent requests, among others.

Reports Translation

An increasing amount of national and international companies and organisations are presenting their accounts statements and annual reports in different languages. Our qualified professionals with extensive experience in translating these documents help our clients break down barriers in business.

If you want to provide your international shareholders, investors and other stakeholders with information on your financial activity in their language, AP | PORTUGAL is your solution.

translation services ap portugal 

Speed ​​and convenience

For translation services or projects over EUR 250.00, we pick up your work at your office for free on the same day. Find out more about our additional services here.



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          ISO 17100

For more information, contact AP PORTUGAL via the Portuguese Association of Translation Companies (APET), the Portuguese Association of Translators (APT) or via one of our offices in Lisbon or Porto.
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