Multilingual SEO Service

Multilingual SEO or International SEO

Simply put, Multilingual SEO or International SEO (ISEO) is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for websites that are translated and localised in foreign languages. It involves a series of techniques used to improve your website's visibility (placing the website higher up in the organic search results), whatever language it?s in.

Multilingual SEO ap portugal 

Elements of Multilingual SEO

Multilingual SEO from AP|PORTUGAL will help maximise your website?s optimisation and improve its organic positioning, analysing the following elements:

Advantages of a Multilingual SEO Strategy

The fact that 95% of people searching on Google don't go past the first page (source: Advanced Web Rankings) shows how important a good position in the organic search results actually is. Therefore, having your website translated into the various languages spoken by your target audience is not enough. A multilingual search engine optimisation is essential if you want your potential clients or customers to be able to find you on the Web.

· Multilingual SEO and website localisation: together they're stronger

A well-optimised website will bring a return on your investment by increasing your sales and website traffic. To optimise your website, you must collaborate with a partner specialised in on-site optimisation and who localises the content according to the market you want to reach in order to boost the customer's buying decision.

Multilingual SEO ap portugal 

The right SEO strategy for your international website

The solution many businesses come up with is to simply translate content and the different textual elements used in an SEO strategy, such as metadata (titles, descriptions, headings, etc.), literally.

This approach is not effective since it does not take into account the cultural and behavioural factors associated with web searches. When we present our brand, product or content in another language, we have a different target audience. We therefore have to understand the search behaviours and the cultural context of this new target audience before translating the content and the SEO elements.

Multilingual SEO ap portugal

Our specialist Multilingual SEO team collaborates with native translators, guaranteeing that the translation of your content is properly localised and in line with SEO best practices.

As your partner in charge of your Multilingual SEO strategy, we have a strong command of multilingual content management, namely managing multilingual content management software, so that we can make the necessary changes directly in your CMS.

A translation company as a SEO partner

AP | PORTUGAL - Tech Language Solutions provides Multilingual SEO services in various language combinations in a wide range of business areas. As Multilingual SEO services require specialised knowledge, we only select professionals who are familiar with the area addressed in each project. We specialise in Portuguese and all its varieties, such as European or Brazilian Portuguese, and our mission is to support companies to gain a new audience in Portuguese-speaking markets.

Our team at AP | PORTUGAL always stays up-to-date with new trends, taking part in training in our various specialist areas, including ISEO and digital marketing, both in Portugal and abroad:



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