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Association of Language Companies - ALC

Association of Language Companies

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At AP|PORTUGAL, we understand the importance of a strong network of partners. We all have our strengths and weaknesses; it is only when we learn from each other that we improve. That?s why we're committed to increasing the size and quality of our partnership network, to learn from the strengths of your businesses while offering our own knowledge of the language services industry and Portuguese-speaking markets.

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Far from just a translation company, AP | PORTUGAL has been delivering high-quality language services, sustained by fair and decent relations, since 1998. From our two offices in Lisbon and Porto, we provide a range of services, including translation, interpreting, localisation, transcription, subtitling, multilingual SEO, SEO copywriting, multilingual SEA, multilingual content management, multilingual website creation, helping national and international clients alike to break down barriers and reach a global audience. Specialising in language services from and into Portuguese and its varieties - European, Brazilian and African - we have sought to offer high-quality end products, founded on fair and decent relations.

· We know that trust must be earned
· ALC: management and AI in translation companies

We're proud to say that, since 2016, AP|PORTUGAL has been an active member of ALCAssociation of Language Companies.ALC members belong to a unique community of peers who provide support, mentoring, collaboration and industry information. Furthermore, they can act as a driving force to raise the level of professionalism in the language service industry. As an ALC member, AP | PORTUGAL aspires to share its knowledge with every company interested in language services from and into European, Brazilian and African Portuguese

Five reasons why you should work with us

  • Portuguese language services specialists
  • More than 20 years of experience and networking
  • Certified Quality ISO 17100:2015
  • Member of the most established associations in the language industry
  • Increase your profit margins by adding another language to your portfolio 

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If you are a translation services company and you would like to become partners with AP | PORTUGAL, please contact us using our contact formWe look forward to hearing from you soon!