AP | PORTUGAL is proud to be an active member of several translators associations, with the goal to share our knowledge of the market reality of the Portuguese-speaking world with all of our partners interested in language services from and into Portuguese and its varieties: European, Brazilian and African.

GALA - Globalization and Localization Association

GALA - Globalization and Localization Association - is an international, non-profit association, founded in April 2002 by 15 companies. The purpose of this association is to represent the language industry and promote translation, interpretation and localisation services. AP Portugal is proud to say that it has been a member of this association of translation companies since 2017.

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European Language Industry Association

ELIA - European Language Industry Association - was the first European organisation of translation, interpreting and localisation companies. This non-profit UK-based organisation is committed to representing the interests of its members within the European market, as well as forging relations among members of different organisations. 

Association of Language Companies

ALC - Association of Language Companies - was established in 2002 in the USA and represents companies that provide translation, interpreting, localisation and language training services. This association was created to provide its members with information and relevant tools in order to ensure that these companies provide translation and interpreting services of higher quality, generate more sales and increase their revenue. 

· ALC: management and AI in translation companies

Association of Translation Companies

ATC - Association of Translation Companies - was established in 1976 and is one of the oldest associations of translation companies in the world, as well as being a founding member of the EUATC. Its members are governed by a strict professional code of conduct. 

· ATC Language Industry Summit: the M&A trend and other challenges

LEXIS - International Community of Language Service Providers

LEXIS - International Community of Language Service Providers - is an active international community that brings together a wide range of language services professionals: translators, subtitlers, copywriters and voice-over artists. LEXIS aims to help the market to distinguish the best professionals and create real business opportunities between LEXIS professionals and anyone requiring language services.


EUATC - European Union of Associations of Translation Companies - is an umbrella organisation for national associations of translation companies throughout Europe, not limited to the EU. Among other things, the EUATC provides a united voice for translation companies.

· EUATC: Localisation and other challenges for translation companies