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APPORTUGAL your certified partner in language services

AP | PORTUGAL is a translation company specialised in language services, which operates at a national and international level. We have two offices in Lisbon and Oporto. Since 1998, the company has sought to provide high-quality translation and interpretation services, sustained by fair and decent relations. Nowadays, it provides translation, interpreting, transcription and subtitling services for all corporate bodies and individual clients who need language services.

Its history is characterised by the development of a work based on accuracy, quality and constant updating and innovation, which have been shown in the strong relationships it has established with its clients.

Currently, AP | PORTUGAL is a private institution operating on the domestic and international market, providing services in the fields of translation, interpretation, transcription and subtitling to all companies and individual clients requiring linguistics services. AP | PORTUGAL has offices at Avenida João Crisóstomo, n.º 30, 5º in Lisbon, close to Saldanha and in the iutskirts of Oporto at Avenida da República, nº 1105, Vila Nova de Gaia.

Social Responsibility

Throughout its history, AP | PORTUGAL has always assumed its social responsibility and contributed for a better future of today's children. For that reason, the company is institutionally bound to ApoioXXI, a support centre for children and youth with affective, cognitive and psychomotor difficulties.

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Why choose AP | PORTUGAL? 

1. EXPERIENCE - Our language services are powered by several years of experience and knowledge.

2. QUALITY/PRICE - Our main goal is to offer fair prices to allow our business a continuous investment in quality services, without jeopardizing our clients' projects.

3. HUMAN RESOURCES QUALIFICATION - We have a large portfolio of translators, interpreters and other collaborators, whose education and experience, ensure excellent results even in the most demanding projects.

4. EFFECTIVE COORDINATION - AP | PORTUGAL's professionals are managed by Mário Júnior (member of the American Translators Association), who is an expert in the areas of translation, project management and workforce management.

5. DEADLINES - It is our company's policy to set targets for the delivery of projects in a timely manner. We have a large pool of language services professionals, which allows us to quickly respond to our clients.