International Relations and Information Department

Globalisation is an undeniable reality. There is an increasing need for language services, from localisation and multilingual SEO, to interpreting and subtitling, as customers demand a fast, economic and quality response from the translation companies they work with. This quality translation service involves working with companies with native translators and their speed will depend on being able to work in partnership with other translation agencies and translators.

When AP | PORTUGAL started to take on a large volume of work in foreign markets, this prompted the need to create a specific department - the International Relations and Information Department (IRID).

This department aims specifically to make AP | PORTUGAL the partner of choice among Language Services Companies outside the Portuguese-speaking world, while providing services from and into the Portuguese language in its different varieties: European, Brazilian or African.

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The IRID is responsible for our institutional and business relations with language services companies worldwide. This cooperation between the IRID and your company will allow you to enjoy all the advantages of working with a company certified by the International Standard for Translation Services - ISO 17100:2015.

  • The IRID and the Legal Department 

Thanks to its direct relationship with AP | PORTUGAL?s Legal Department, the IRID is able to offer versatility and coverage. What?s more, this collaboration allows us to provide services such as issuing legal certifications, providing apostille services, technical accuracy in legal translations, studying and comparing international laws, contractual advisory, technical training for legal translations, carrying out technically accurate legal supervisions and escorting foreign companies to exhibitions, business meetings and congresses of a legal nature.

The IRID stays up to date with the current legislation in Portugal and, so, it is able to provide all the information you require in this field in a clear and comprehensive manner. It can also provide expertise in digital localisation, multilingual SEO, multilingual SEA, SEO copywriting, multilingual content management and multilingual website creation.



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          ISO 17100

For more information, contact AP PORTUGAL via the Portuguese Association of Translation Companies (APET), the Portuguese Association of Translators (APT) or via one of our offices in Lisbon or Porto.
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