Target Market of Wordbee Translator

Wordbee for Freelance Translators and Proofreaders

A WORDBEE Freelancer Edition license will give you access to all the functionalities, except the teamwork tools, i.e., it will not enable you to add logins or to assign work to other people in your work area. However, it will enable you to create projects, to upload the documents to be translated, to translate  documents online in various formats, to import, export and manage translation memories and terminology data bases. This edition has a capacity of 250 MB for your documents and up to 250,000 translation segments.

Wordbee for Translation Agencies

WORDBEE Translator combines a translation software (CAT tools) with work management/flow tools and collaborative functionalities. The platform will enable you to store all the documents to be translated in a main page to which all the members of the work team will have access to in real-time and simultaneously. The translators  will no longer receive the documents through email. This system will enable you to grant limited access to the stored documents even to your company's clients!

This centralized storage space will enable:
- the translators and proofreaders to visualize and change the same documents simultaneously. A comment by one may instantly be read by the other.
- the work evolution to be followed in real-time, for example, regarding the amount of translated or proofread text.

Wordbee for Public and Private Organizations

The public or private organizations with an internationalization department or on their way to internationalization will find in WORDBEE Translator a crucial partner in order to manage efficiently the translation flow of services and products. With Wordbee Translator, all content will be translated in various language pairs on a single platform!

WORDBEE Translator being an SaaS (Software as a Service), the whole team involved in the translation, proofreading and project management process has real-time access to terminology, translated material, translation memories and translation process evolution. They also have the possibility to correct, revise and comment, in accordance with their defined access levels.

With no need of software installation in the company's computers nor of expensive updating processes (updating is free and automatic), nor even of computer technicians services. Equipped with floating licenses and systems guaranteeing the security and the privacy of your data, WORDBEE Translator can adjust to constant changes and offer you a greater coherence, quality, efficiency and productivity in your projects, whatever its scale.

Two WORDBEE Translator versions are available:

Freelancer Edition includes a login. Login and password can be altered in the platform settings.

Team Edition will give you a login with administrative rights and a set number of potential additional in-house or external logins. With the administrative account you will have the possibility to add logins without reaching out to us to do so. The administrator will have the responsibility to communicate the login/password data to the team members. Without previous authorization, no one will have access to your work environment.

All the team members will open their session in WORDBEE Translator at ou

There they will enter their account ID (most usually the company's name), and their login and password.

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