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Content localisation

When tackling new international markets, cultural differences must always be considered when translating your content. Images from your business' brochure and examples seen on your website may not be the most culturally relevant, and may even cause offence. Content localisation consists of translating and adapting content, taking into consideration the target audience and the linguistic, social and cultural specifications of a given market.

At AP | PORTUGAL, we offer localisation services for website content, apps, software and other digital content, helping organisations gain new ground internationally and communicate globally.

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Watch the video below to find out how you can grow your international business with AP Portugal's content localisation solution.

Automatic localisation

Your website is integrated with our translation software

Advantages of an accurate website localisation

A multilingual website is crucial to the success of an international business. English may be understood by more and more people across the world, but the best strategy for entering new markets is to localise the content to the language of that market.

· The internationalisation journey as a website localisation ride
· What's at stake when you don't have a localisation strategy?

A Common Sense Advisory study revealed that 72% of international consumers prefer to buy through a website that makes the information for a product/service available in their own language. Therefore, according to 56% of the consumers surveyed, a website's language is a more important, determining factor than the price, and translating the website can even lead to increased sales and profit margins.

The numbers presented must be viewed as an opportunity to restructure your strategy and tailor it to the target market in order to enlarge your pool of potential clients

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The right localisation strategy for your website

Tools like Google Analytics can be a good place to start to design your strategy and understand which markets you should direct your Marketing towards.

Having a well-localised copy can make a huge difference and contribute to the success of your new marketing strategy. Localisation strengthens brand integrity in a new market and helps to avoid offence.

At AP | PORTUGAL, we have vast experience in content localisation, and an extensive network of partners which will allow you to meet your needs for all the countries you desire. In addition, we work with the appropriate tools to help you enable and optimise your multilingual content management.

Beyond Translation - Your internationalisation Strategy 3.0

Your partner for localisation projects

AP | PORTUGAL - TECH Language Solutions offers a symbiotic solution between your clients' CMSs and your Translation Management tool, making the localisation process more transparent, faster and more efficient. We are the representatives of the whole Lusophone market for Wordbee, management and translation system, and its middleware - connector Beebox - which facilitates integration and interoperability with the majority of CMSs used in the market (WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, Adobe, Umbraco, TYPO3, among others).

We collaborate with multinational companies and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) on localisation projects. We have a vast experience in document and campaign localisation. The types of projects which we work on are:

  • Website localisation;
  • Software localisation;
  • Multimedia localisation;
  • Multilingual SEO.

We have multidisciplinary teams that can collaborate with you on the localisation of your website, software, or multimedia content for different languages. Our teams are also trained in multilingual content management.

localisation services ap portugal 



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For more information, contact AP PORTUGAL via the Portuguese Association of Translation Companies (APET), the Portuguese Association of Translators (APT) or via one of our offices in Lisbon or Porto.
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