Academy by AP Portugal - Young people, strong will!

Fall in love with your Portuguese translation company.
Join AP Academy!

With the same passion that shapes AP|PORTUGAL as a language services provider, we invite you to fall in love with translation and localisation. 

With our AP Academy programme, you will find the best option for work experience at a Portuguese translation company, offering you continued educational development and professional knowledge. 

This is more than just an opportunity for you to learn in a real-life setting, it can also open doors into the professional world of translation, thanks to our global career progression system within AP|PORTUGAL.

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AP Academy

Young people, strong will!

AP Academy is CEO Mário Júnior'dream to give back the enthusiasm that he brought to his profession and the founding of AP|PORTUGAL - Tech Language Solutions to the world of translation.

As a conference interpreter with vast knowledge and worldwide experience, Mário set out a goal with the creation of AP Academy that still applies today: to attract the best talent in a professional industry with an enormous future, and keep them.

This project also relies on the critical eye and supervision of Eugénio Rodrigues, our Head of Human Resources. He is also a Basketball coach who has worked in several countries, as well as a national champion and winner of the Taça de Portugal


And finally, AP Academy is nothing without the enthusiasm and commitment of all who work for AP Portugal - Tech Language Solutions motivated by that same passion for the world of language and tech services.

Over a six month internship - whether in-house in Porto, or remotely from Lisbon or anywhere else in the world, Luanda, Maputo, Madrid, Brussels, Paris, Rome, London - not only will you become the talent we aim to attract, but also the brilliant translation professional that we hope to keep in the stimulating world of translation.

You decide when you want to start internship, AP Academy will offer you a wide range of options.

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Who we are

Translation company with 20 years of history


We are above all the product of passion for translation. In practice, the AP Academy internship programme is the pedagogical mission of da AP Portugal - Tech Language Solutions, our commitment to training up-and-coming talent in the exciting world of the translation industry. 

We are a company with more than 20 years experience in the competitive field of language and tech services, with offices in Porto and Lisbon and certified by the ISO's Internation Quality Standard 17100:2015.

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What we do

AP Academy, the reality of a translation professional


Our main objective at develop your basic skills, is to develop your basic skills. This is essential for a translation professional at the start of their career encountering the daily life of a translator for the first time.

As such, our internship programme focuses on a wide range of aspects that we believe are important for you to develop: for example, language skills and their practical application, time management, teamwork and proactivity. Over the course of a six month internship, we will provide our trainees with continued educational growth and professional knowledge, tailored to professional-standards and the market needs of the language and tech services industry.

download out translation internship syllabus 


Choose the type of internship you prefer

AP Academy is suited for all those who want to strengthen their skills in the field of translation and gain real work experience before deciding what career path they want to follow.

Over the course of six months you will be accompanied on this journey by mentors, just another tool to help with your professional development, where someone with more experience helps someone with less experience.


At AP Academy we have four types of internship to choose from:


  • Curricular Internship: tailored to your university programme, an excellent way to stand out in a competitive job market;

  • Volunteering Placement: These internships are suitable for those who've already finished their degree and aim to take their first step into the professional world of translation;

  • Remote Internship: similar to the volunteering placements, except these can be done remotely, from anywhere that you can access the internet;

  • Professional Internship: this is an opportunity to become a part of AP Portugal Tech Language Solutions' Career Progression System; starting your professional career as an in-house employee, through an IEFP professional internship, or a freelancer.

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Translation internship in Porto, Europe's best destination

Choosing AP Academy is also an opportunity to do your internship in translation with walking distance from Porto; only the Douro river separates AP Portugal's head office from the city that was awarded Europe's Best Destination three times.

Difficult to find better scenery!

Located in the cultural and historical centre of Vila Nova de Gaia, walking distance from the Metro stations, you will be working in an optimal location to not only get to Porto, but also General Torres train station, and even the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, around 20 minutes away.

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You can send your application for an internship at any time

We accept applications all year round, you just have to decide when you would like to start.  

Also, for your information, as you will find out here, in Porto, summer is pleasant, dry and practically cloudless; winter is cool, with rain and partially cloudy skies. The temperature is rarely less than 6 or more than 30 degrees.

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