Experience the reality of a translation professional

We're waiting for you to start your internship. Over six months you will have the opportunity to become a part of the environment of a certified company, taking advantage of the valuable opportunity to work in all stages of the translation process. 

Our trainees are even provided with a range of technological tools that will play a fundamental role in your training and professional career.

download out translation internship syllabus

Internship Study Programme
Internship plan in progress at AP ACADEMY

Duration : 6 months  | 960 hours



1.Try out tools and research and analysis methods, developing your own critical eye and applying theory in practice.

2.Improve your multilingual communication skills, widening your understanding of your working languages.

3.Aquire and share knowledge in the field of Translation.

4.Develop translation skills into your mother tongue and your foreign language(s) in specific fields (health sciences, economics, the law, etc.).

5.Improve your soft skills and skills which will help you to integrate into the working world.  

6.Improve your ability to adapt, think critically, solve problems, make decisions and immerse yourself in language and culture.

7.Advanced use of new technologies used in Translation.

Working languages

Portuguese - Suitable for English-speaking trainees

Work mode

In-house or remotely

Teaching methods and learning activities

Our approach is notably practical, including a range of exercises and work carried out by our trainees, whether individually or as a team, led by their mentor.




 Working hours



Quality Control Department

  • Introduction to the ISO Standard 17100:2015
  • Quality Control System - SGQ ISO 17100
  • Excellence Programme: Total Satisfaction System (SST)

Mentor: Eugénio Rodrigues

8 hours


Quality Control Department

  • Continued Improvement Method | Introduction
  • InteInterns will demonstrate their practical application throughout their placement through completing a Monthly Report
Mentor: Eugénio Rodrigues


4 hours

24 hours

Internal Communication and Intranet

Communication & Marketing Department

  • Best Practice
  • Workplace: Introduction and deployment

Mentor: Eugénio Rodrigues

Mentor: Anabela Delgado


4 hours


Mentoring Department

  • Translation | Practical exercises
  • Revision | Practical exercises
  • Proofreading | Practical exercises
  • Transcription | Practical exercises
  • Transcreation | Practical exercises
  • Subtitling | Practical exercises

Mentor-Coordinator: Anabela Delgado

400 hours

200 hours

100 hours

80 hours


  • Machine Translation
  • Light Post-editing
  • Full Post-editing

Mentor: Ivone Oliveira

20 hours

Project Management


Project management systems | TMS

  • Wordbee
  • Plunet
  • Memsource
  • Smartcat
  • Theory & Practice

Mentor: Ivone Oliveira

Mentor: Cátia Rodrigues, Project manager

8 hours


20 hours

Layout | Desktop Publishing (DTP)


  • Optical character recognition software | OCR | Abbyy Finereader
  • Adobe creative cloud Indesign
  • Adobe creative cloud PDF Acrobat Reader
  • Microsoft office 365 (excel, powerpoint, MS word)
  • Supervised practice

Mentor: Vera Lisboa, DTP Assistant

Mentor: Ricardo Mathiotte, DTP Assistant

8 hours


25 hours

Translation Memory Management


  • Text alignment
  • Terminology bases creation
  • Translation memory creation
  • Practical Application

Mentor: Ivone Oliveira

Mentora: Cátia Rodrigues, Project Manager

4 hours


20 hours


  • Content management system CMS
  • Manual localisation
  • Automatic localisation
  • Continual localisation

Mentor: Anabela Delgado

Mentor: Ana Duarte

20 hours

Certified Translations

  • Document certification
  • Document authentification

Mentor: Eugénio Rodrigues

5 hours

Translation assistance software

  • Wordbee Translator
  • SDL Trados Studio
  • MemoQ
  • Memsource


Anabela Delgado

Mentor: Ivone Oliveira  

Mentor: Ana Duarte

10 hours



960 hours

Optional activities

download out translation internship syllabus 


Benefits of a Translation Internship

Upon successfully completing your internship, you will, as a trainee at AP Academy, be able to: 

  • Evaluate the role of technology in the translation industry;

  • Identify the use of different professional translation tools;

  • Decide which tools are more suitable for carrying out a project;

  • Create translation memories;

  • Put tools and methods for translation quality assurance to use;

  • Get to know the process of organising and managing translation projects;

  • Identify the main characteristics of tools designed for other types of language services (terminology management tools, project management, localisation, quality control, machine translation, subtitling, voice recognition, spellcheck, etc.);

  • Understand the strong social dynamic of translation as a profession, which requires skills such as teamwork, communication and time management, following instructions, and managing emotions and ressources (both human and material).