AP|PORTUGAL is here to help you communicate globally. That's why our consultant interpreter is here to ensure your interpreting project is a complete success. A consultant interpreter is the direct interlocutor, who works with the client and the team of conference interpreters before and during the event.

The consultant interpreter acts as a middleman, working with you and the team of conference interpreters before and during your event to make sure everything is in place and running smoothly. They are also a conference interpreter. This is a huge advantage as it means, thanks to their industry insight in simultaneous interpreting, they can immediately identify the needs and challenges of any project. In addition, they have normally already worked with the professionals they hire for the team, making it easier to choose conference interpreters according to language, location and topic of the event.

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AP | PORTUGAL's Consultant Interpreter

Contact our Consultant Interpreter: Mário Júnior - translator and consultant interpreter since 1998.

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Our methodology

If you?re planning an event that requires conference interpreting, you should contact the consultant interpreter well in advance so they can provide important information as well as a quote.

Conversation between you and the conference interpreter helps us to outline your needs and the service to be provided. You should provide the consultant interpreter with as much information as possible regarding the event, to ensure the best quote possible. Please include, for example, the date, time and location of the conference, the schedule, the working languages, whether or not you would like the event to be recorded, whether you need any audiovisual material, as well as any other relevant information.

The next step for the consultant interpreter is to organise the team of conference interpreters according to where they are based and their languages, but mainly according to their professional skills relating to the subject of the conference. Once the team is recruited, the consultant interpreter will clarify if the offer is only an availability request or an actual job offer. If it is only an availability request, the consultant interpreter reserves the dates and cannot accept another job proposal without first consulting the client. In the case of an actual job offer, the consultant interpreter will decline other job proposals planned for the same dates and, in case the event is cancelled, fees will be paid in full or in part.

One of the most important tasks for the consultant interpreter is to obtain all information about the event and communicate it to the team of conference interpreters. All documentation (speeches, slides, etc.) should be provided to the conference interpreters in advance to give them enough time to study the subject. It is also the job of the consultant interpreter to ask the client if there are any glossaries or lists of technical terminology to give to interpreters. They may even be asked to organise a briefing.

The consultant interpreter must always be contactable and available during the event, in order to solve any unforeseen problems that may arise. In the case that the consultant interpreter is not part of a team of conference interpreters, it is up to them to appoint a team leader to coordinate the conference interpreters during the event.

At the end of the conference, we would appreciate any feedback so that the consultant interpreter can write a report on your event to improve our services.

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