Mentors at AP Academy strengthen your skills and develop your talents as a trainee

Knowing the importance of a curricular, professional, volunteering or remote placement as an integral part of your development as a professional, AP Academy has invested in thinking about you with a strong commitment to mentoring

Simply put, through mentoring you will always be able to count on someone with more experience to help you out. In practice, all work done by you, as a trainee, will be revised by a senior in-house professional, but also by external professionals, your mentors, who will do a thorough revision of each project. The result of this passion for mentoring is what we like to call a "double seal of quality", where feedback works both ways, allowing your natural doubts and anxieties to be answered with constructive criticism and discussion about the work you are producing.

Who are the mentors at AP Academy? They are senior professionals in language services, who have been working with AP Portugal Tech Language Solutions for several years with have the same passion that has been the pillar of AP Portugal Tech Language Solutions since 1998. These professionals enthusiastically take advantage of the opportunity to work side by side with someone like you whose ultimate goal is to become a professional, a professional like the one who will be your mentor over six months.

· Mentoring: the passion and the commitment of AP Academy

Trainees at AP Academy

Trainees are all those that, like you, decided to do a Translation Internship at AP Portugal, whether curricular, professional, remote or volunteering. 

Skills such as resilience, team spirit and the ability to adapt and be flexible are important goals that we are committed to helping you, as a trainee, develop during your time with us.

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