Quality Policy

AP | PORTUGAL is aware of the importance of Quality for the success and valuation of the company
Thus, we are committed with the implementation and certification of our Quality Management System, aiming the compliance of the European quality standard for language service EN15038: 2006 requirements and the continuous improvement of all its processes

AP | PORTUGALin its mission to provide translation, transcription and interpretation services, and to develop, modernise and professionalise the activity related to the market where it operates, is organised in order to

Satisfy and retain clients, focusing its operations on meeting their requirements and needs; 

Establish with clients, employees and partners a close relationship, based on principles of mutual benefit; 

Ensure an honest conduct, honouring all its commitments, deadlines and agreements with clients and internal and external collaborators; 

Promote a continuous and sustainable improvement of the organisation and its services, sustained on a permanent demand for innovation; 

Create a cohesive working team, motivated and competent, investing on a good working environment and professional development; 

Ensure economic growth by fostering productivity and efficient use of resources; 

Ensure the return on investment such as to enable continued investment; 

Collaborate with the local community, complying with the applicable legislation, adopting pro-environment measures and contributing to the cultural and institutional growth of the society; 

Comply and enforce the requirements of the EN 15038:2006 standard.

AP | PORTUGAL relies on these principles and calls for a proactive and responsible attitude of all employees, to promote continuous improvement and effectiveness of their quality management system, pledging to ensure the human, technical and financial resources to this project