All stages of all projects entrusted to us are subject to a range of rigourous procedures aiming to enssure a high standard of quality.

AP | PORTUGAL is managed by Mário Júnior, a member of the American Translators Association (ATA) with broad experience in the areas of Translation, Project Management and Workforce Management. AP | PORTUGAL's clients are guaranteed a quick response to their request and thorough monitoring of each project.

We work exclusively with qualified and experienced professionals. This is the only way to assure a thorough and quick response to our clients' demands and needs.

AP | PORTUGAL has a pool of professionals in translation and other linguistic and scientific fields, with 500 associates at international level. This gives us the advantage of finding professionals with the appropriate profile to fit each particularity of our projects and allows us a rapid execution and completion of our projects.

At AP | PORTUGAL, projects are only deemed completed once they have gone through the revision/editing process. Only then do we state that a project is satisfactory in terms of quality and accuracy.

Although the revision process is already included in a translation quote, it is also available for those who have a translation made elsewhere. Revision involves checking to make sure that correct terminilogy was used.

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