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Legal Transcription

Legal transcription services are part of a highly specialist domain, where a certain word in a certain place can change the entire meaning of a text. AP | PORTUGAL's transcribers are highly trained and specialise in legal terminology.

We transcribe all kinds of projects, including transcriptions of forensic reports, minutes, testimonies, transcriptions of court cases, hearings in court trials, wills, contracts, questionings.

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Interview Transcription

Interview transcription refers to the process of converting a recording of an interview into a written aid. Interviews are an integral part of several domains, as evaluation methods and as a way to disseminate information. Like general transcription, interview transcription is a broad term which encompasses several types of interview in which our team specialises.

We know that legal transcription services are part of a highly specialist domain, where a certain word in a certain place can change the entire meaning of a text. That?s why our transcribers are highly trained and specialise in legal terminology.

At AP | PORTUGAL, we know that transcribing interviews can be challenging, especially for interviews with several participants and poor sound quality. That?s why we rely on a dedicated, specialist team of transcribers who are experienced in interview transcription and use specialist transcription equipment to ensure the best quality possible within a reasonable timeframe.

Types of interviews for transcription:

- one-on-one interviews

- interviews with multiple participants 

- debates

- police investigations

- legal interviews

- testimonies

- phone call recordings

- market research interviews

- focus groups

- professional interviews

- business meetings

- television/radio interviews

- psychological interviews

AP | PORTUGAL respects the confidential nature of all interview transcriptions, maintaining maximum security and secrecy when processing the data in transcription projects.

Meeting/AGM Transcriptions

A Meeting Transcription is sometimes particularly complex due to the number of people involved in the recording. That?s why AP | PORTUGAL relies on experienced transcribers to guarantee quality and speed in all meeting transcriptions  

AP | PORTUGAL guarantees maximum confidentiality when dealing with all transcription project data.

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Market Research Transcription

AP | PORTUGAL offers specialist transcription services in the Business and Marketing field. Our team of professional transcribers guarantee quality and speed in transcriptions.

We transcribe audio from a wide variety of areas, such as market research, lectures, meetings, presentations, reports, conferences, seminars, symposiums, focus groups, telephone calls, surveys, interviews, brainstorming sessions, etc.

Academic Transcriptions

AP | PORTUGAL offers transcription services in several scientific/academic fields, from medicine to philosophy, literature to astrophysics and psychology to zoology. We work closely with students and university lecturers throughout the academic transcription process to ensure complete accuracy.

We transcribe several types of academic projects including interviews, classes, theses, seminars, conferences, dissertations, presentations and more. Our transcribers are university-educated and have experience in academic transcriptions, ensuring a quality final product. 

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transcription ap portugal 



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