International Relations and Information Department

International Relations and Information Department

Globalization is an undeniable reality and there is an increasing need for language services as customers demand a fast, economic and quality response from the translation companies they work with. A quality translation service involves working with companies fitted with native translators and their speed will depend on the possibility of working in partnership with other translation agencies and translators.

The large volume of work that AP | PORTUGAL has developed in foreign markets prompted the need to create a specific department - the International Relations and Information Department (IRID).

This department aims specifically at making AP | PORTUGAL the partner of choice among Language Services Companies located outside the Portuguese-speaking world, while providing services from and into the Portuguese language in its different variants: European, Brazilian or African.

The IRID is responsible for the institutional and business relations with language service companies worldwide, and so the cooperation between this department and your company will allow you to enjoy all the advantages of working with a company certified by the European Standard for Translation Services - EN15038:2006.

  • IRID's Projetcs 

International relations within the sphere of translation should be an instrument at the disposal of translation companies to optimize and even increase their work volume. Today, the growth of a translation agency depends directly on the international relations it is able to forge and, therefore, it is essential to support its business on a comprehensive database of translation companies which may allow forging partnerships with native translators and quickly respond to customer needs.

Among other activities, the IRID has developed, over more than 18 months, the AGA and its directory of translation companies, i.e., the TAD-G20 database in order to streamline communications, especially at international level. Based on this product, and by developing cooperation protocols, AP | PORTUGAL helps you find more customers, thus creating a "win-win situation" environment.

  • The IRID and the Legal Department 

The versatility and coverage of the IRID result from its direct relationship with the Legal Department, which operates soundly at AP | PORTUGAL. This collaboration allows us to offer services such as the issuance of legal certifications, the apposition of apostilles, technical accuracy in legal translations, the comparative study of international laws, contractual advisory, technical training in legal translations, escorting of foreign companies to exhibitions, business meetings and congresses of legal nature.

However, the IRID is not limited to the translation and certification of documents as its scope is much broader within the language service industry. For example, it allows escorting people to congresses, conferences, exhibitions and meetings where interpretation may be required and carrying out a technically accurate legal supervision, as a result of its collaboration with the Legal Department. The IRID is aware and on top of the current legislation in Portugal and, so, it is absolutely capable of providing all the information you require in this field in a clear and comprehensive manner.