AP | PORTUGAL provides a wide range of interpreting services / conference interpreting according to your needs: business meetings, conferences, congresses to name but a few. We select the most suitable conference interpreters for each project, taking into account language and area of expertise, assuring high quality communication for your events requiring conference interpreting.

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Simultaneous Translation

Conference Interpreting

(Simultaneous translation)
Conference Interpreting requires a conference interpreting team consisting of two conference interpreters per language and booth swapping every half an hour.

Conference interpreters work in a soundproof conference interpreting booth and listen through headphones to the speaker's speech, which is delivered to the room though a microphone. Almost simultaneously, they return the message by speaking into another microphone. The listeners have a pair of headphones and can select the channel that will allow them to listen to the translation in the language of their choice.

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive Interpreting

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter, listens to the speech and, with the help of notes, conveys the message heard. This can last up to several minutes, which is why it is essential to master the note taking technique. Although consecutive interpreting has been generally replaced by conference interpreting, consecutive interpreting is still preferred in some types of meeting (work lunches, meetings featuring technical vocabulary, and so on).

Unlike conference interpreting, consecutive translation does not require the use of booths.

Conference Interpreting

Conference Interpreting

In conference interpreting (simultaneous translation or consecutive interpreting), the interpreter has an university degree and provides spoken services as opposed to written translation.

The interpreter's main goal is to establish communication between the speaker and the audience, conveying the message from one language to another naturally and fluently, making their own the speaker's elocution, tone and convictions, while expressing themselves in the first person.

The conference interpreters are inside a conference interpreting booth which is soundproof.

The conference interpreter's job is not to translate each word said by the speakers, but to convey the ideas expressed, enabling true communication.

A conference interpreter can be hired by international organisations (e.g. EU, UN, NATO), by public entities (government, ministries, national agencies) or by the private sector (companies, societies, etc.) They can work as an independent professionals or as salaried workers.

Whispered Interpreting

Whispered Interpreting (chuchotage)

In whispered interpreting (or chuchotage), the interpreter listens to the speaker speech and whispers it simultaneously, to one or at most two delegates.

Liaison interpreting

Legal Interpreting

Legal interpreting generally occurs in courts, but may also be necessary in police stations for questionings. In such cases, for example in a witness hearing, preference is given to consecutive interpreting. However, in a court of law, using simultaneous translation speeds up the process, whether helping only the defendant or the whole audience.

When the defendant doesn't understand the language spoken in court, he has the right to an interpreter, a right often included in a country's written constitution.

Interpreters that do this type of interpreting have knowledge of the legal procedures in addition to their language skills, and are usually sworn interpreters. However, not all countries have interpreting regulations. In these cases, the country's Ministry for Foreign Affairs provides a list of legal interpreters.

Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental 

AP | PORTUGAL has several partnerships with some of the best audiovisual companies in the country.

Thanks to our large annual workload, we can offer our clients turnkey projects with highly competitive prices.

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What is the difference between simultaneous translation and conference interpreting?

Simultaneous translation is another name for conference interpreting.