AGA is a cornerstone tool in the process of communication at AP | PORTUGAL - Language Services.

AGA comprises in itself a database, TAD-G20 (Translation Agencies Directory - G20), which provides you with a real possibility of building partnerships and becoming a potential service provider in the language industry.

The International Relations Information Department (IRID) of AP | PORTUGAL, developed a tool which gives you access to communicate with more than 2,500 translation companies through commonly used channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube, for you to be able to build your own network of contacts. This tool will help optimise your time, save and capitalise your resources and also gradually increase your workload.


Have you ever thought about being able to find the necessary human resources for an urgent project in a short amount of time? If so, TAD-G20 has at your disposal a database containing thousands of translation companies from all over the world. TAD-G20 undoubtedly helps you find the translators you need working with all different language pairs.

AGA was developed by AP | PORTUGAL, through the IRID, and it is a work tool aimed at performing tasks related to Social Network Marketing and SEO, in an efficient way and focusing on a specific target.

In short, AGA consists of the latest generation translation agencies database, TAD-G20, and also allows you to publish an article for your company or project in Portuguese, on the Translators Associations News sector on LEXIS - International Community of Language Service Providers website. This article will increase the visibility of your translation agency.

AGA - Translation companies database