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Applications to AP | PORTUGAL

If you are a translator...

...and you are interested in joining the AP | PORTUGAL team, send us your application along with your LEXIS microsite address or your LEXIS ID to rh@apportugal.com

To streamline communication between our collaborators and partners, AP | PORTUGAL works exclusively with LEXIS member professionals. To become a LEXIS member, go to www.lexis.pro.

Once you have subscribed, you can send us your LEXIS ID number or the address of your new LEXIS microsite (http//yourname.lexis.pro) (exclusive to LEXIS PREMIUM subscribers).
Along with the opportunity to collaborate with AP | PORTUGAL, being a LEXIS member gives you other advantages. Increased visibility to other agencies, access to specialist information, a chance to increase your credibility and automatic status as an official SYNTAX supplier.

Thank you for your interest in collaborating with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

N.B.: We do not accept applications without a LEXIS ID number or microsite address. You should fill out at least 90% of your profile data. 
It is also mandatory that the candidates send the Non-Disclosure Agreement duly signed. You may download the document in the section below. 

All candidates that wish to be part of AP | PORTUGAL's team should have be proficient in translation tools. AP | PORTUGAL, recommends the following: Wordbee Translator, SDL TRADOS and WORDFAST.
Mário Júnior
On behalf of the entire APP team,
we wish you professional success!